Support Family Justice Center of Georgetown and Horry Counties

What if you could stop the cycle of domestic violence 
that plagues 1 out of every 4 women and their children?

What if you could contribute to South Carolina being the safest state 
instead of 6th in the nation for number of women killed by men?


Family Justice Center of Georgetown and Horry Counties, with a mission to reduce the injuries and deaths resulting from family violence, served over 1,100 people in 2021. Every day, we are humbled toFlyer see powerlessness and fear transformed into empowerment and confidence.

Operated by a dedicated staff and a host of volunteers, we provide case management, individual and group counseling, court advocacy, child care, referrals, emergency shelter and assistance to victims of domestic violence and their children. All services are free, confidential.  

Our mission has become more and more difficult to sustain. South Carolina is now ranked 6th in the nation for numbers of women killed by men and a recent study conducted by Dr. Joseph C. Von Nessen, Ph.D found that the annual cost to South Carolina related to domestic violence is over $358 million and impacts over 82,000 vicitms annually. 

Family Justice Center of Georgetown and Horry Counties client base grows every day. In February of 2013, the Family Justice Center of Georgetown and Horry Counties Shelter opened its doors to provide emergency shelter to victims and their children who have had to flee their own homes. Only with a collaborative community effort will our mission to reduce injury and death resulting from family violence become a reality.

We ask you to join us in this work by DONATING NOW. We thank you for your interest and support of Family Justice Center of Georgetown and Horry Counties. If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact Executive Director Kim Parsons at (843) 546-3926.

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